Mission accomplishedish

I was at work today, in a good mood, happy to be there but somewhat upset about being right on time and having no time to eat slowly and enjoying. Quite irrelevant really, I had a great day before this and this was just a little bump in the road, I am responsible and life goes on, nevertheless, by the end of the day I ended up wanting to chew people’s head off and giving the finger to drivers on my way home.

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Healing as we speak

I love all

I love you, I love me, I love us, I love life.

It has been a wild, wild, ride this last year. Last year I was hippiefied and after a few months I have had severe happiness incubating in me. I’m starting to be contagious and I’m spreading that shit around, so I will see you and hug you to get the happy bug in you. I will not apologise, I want a happiness plague and I will achieve it.

Now that I’m aware of my blissful condition, there are times that I turn back and look to work out, what is it that truly has been working? What was so detrimental to change my state of mind so strongly that it changed my state of being?. What have I learned in so little time to make such a great difference? The power of words. Sigue leyendo


Creation and Physics


Infinito > Cúmulo de universos > Cúmulo de galaxias > Cúmulo de sistemas solares > Nuestro sistema solar > Tierra > Organismos vivientes, no vivientes > Cúmulo de células > Moléculas > Átomos > Partículas indivisibles > Espacio infinito,

We are a minuscule element of universal creation yet a wonderful and divine organism

Evolution is an unavoidable and constant process. We have been ever evolving long before our species, our planet and even our galaxy got created. We need to keep in mind that we all come from the same creator and at the same time we are creators, because we were all created equal to all that exists, lining or non-living.

We have been living a very chilled life created by society, the governments and a system that has kept the grinds of or civilization spinning quite forcefully, and it is time for an update or massive tune up. There are many of us that believe that it’s time to use our heads properly and question what exists and what doesn’t, question what we know and what we don’t know. We got to a point where we think we know it all and there are not many important things to discover, because only scientists and specialists is whichever topic are the only ones with the authority to investigate and discover. We got comfortably stuck in our own creations and limited knowledge that seem to explain nothing but the surface of things, when we know there is much, much more we don’t see but doesn’t have a name, tag or causes no rating; We are limited if we only focus on the tridimensionality of things with grammatical packages and limiting tags. Sigue leyendo

Guide to happy

Guide to happy according to Homero:

I have always considered myself “spiritual” but last year I truly became spiritual and now I just want everyone to feel the same bliss I feel. If you met me before you could have met a bitter and loveless being and for that reason I feel I need to explain a little bit what spirituality means, at least to me, and hope someone out there decides to try becoming more “spiritual”.

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It has been a crazy last couple of months of 2013 and a blissful couple of days of 2014 and there is a little lesson I learned the last month I need to start applying. After a crazy emotional roller coaster and an overwhelming amount of signs bombarding me I have come to a semi-conclusion: I need to be less focused on material attachments but at the same time I have understood that in this world, to the present day, the most powerful manifestation tool is money. This year I feel I need to start working on manifesting the financial abundance that will allow me to share more broadly any spiritual teaching. And the thing I lack the most and that should be the basis for this manifestation is DISCIPLINE.

After being part of a great group of conscious individuals organizing the beautiful New Years Eve party Tribe One Heart, I started experimenting with plants, growing germinates and building terrariums. And I’m very happy most survived but it involved discipline, taking care every day for this fragile baby plants in the hostile Melbourne weather. This month is the time to implement what I learned from this and work on the many things I have started that I have not concluded. Organize myself to close those creative contracts that will allow me to truly understand the purpose of their manifestation and existence. Discipline in my spiritual endeavors and to learn to live fully n the present.


This year will bring abundance, I know, because I’m not afraid of it any more, I just need to work hard to make it happen. Things happen because we make them happen.  We need to work on following our intuition and follow that path that it’s shown to us and create that path. If I have learned something from working with crystals is that holding a crystal will not give us super powers like many people think, they work as a reminder.  Holding a Rose Quartz will not make Adonis come into our lives riding a white unicorn and take us to his castle riding trough rainbows to live happily ever after. We need to meditate, hold it, remember its purpose, apply it by focusing its vibrations and remember to love our selves. Then, after we learn to love ourselves, we will learn to love others and maybe find that prince, or frog, or maybe no one, but still having gained that love for ourselves. Having no expectations but still having goals, knowing where we want to be to be able to get there. Discipline can seem like a bumpy ride but once we get on the road we realize we barely notice the bumps because we are nearer to our destination.


Now, I better shush and start walking the walk because I have talked the talk and I have somewhere to go. It will be a very interesting trip but I’m riding the waxing moon like a comet to be launched into the infinite universe of bliss. Meet you there at your destination! Have a fun trip!  

La creación y la física


La evolución es un proceso inevitable y constante. Hemos estado en un proceso de evolución  siempre, mas allá de la creación de nuestra especie, antes de la creación de nuestro planeta, antes de la creación de nuestra galaxia, en fin. Debemos de tener en mente que todos venimos de un mismo creador y somos al mismo tiempo creadores y fuimos creados iguales al resto de lo que existe, viviente y no viviente.

Hemos estado muy relajados viviendo una verdad creada por la sociedad, los gobiernos y este sistema que ha mantenido los engranes de nuestra civilización girando muy forzosamente y la máquina que somos como sociedad necesita una actualización. Sigue leyendo


Tiempo de compartir!

“What we need are more people who specialize in the impossible.”
Theodore Roethke

Sorpresa sorpresa, he decidido armar un blog.

Así es, escribir un poco y compartir mi opinión sobre lo que me interesa y agrada. Espero de vez en cuando – aunque de preferencia siempre – poder postear algo que sea de provecho para el mejor bien de todos los involucrados.


Oh si! *rompo botella de champagne en la pantalla*


Blog oficialmente ignaurado.